Fatales is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated digital collectibles of various rarity living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS.

To achieve her unique vision, our artist, Lisb.eth, painstakingly created hundreds of traits for this collection, which is why the variety of these Fatales is better than any other collection in existence today.

  • fearless leader
  • @andginja
  • — ran our discord from day 1
  • — a force of positivity
  • — has a long term vision that will blow your minds
  • artist
  • @lisztmachina
  • — painted over 200+ unique assets
  • — visionary
  • — questioned and criticized how her art looked from concept to completion
  • generator dev
  • @garygeck
  • — wrote the magic that weaved art and code together into the collectible you’re seeing
  • — loves to code art
  • — never. sleeps.
  • smart contract scribe
  • @Ape1683
  • — made web3 integration and smart contract writing look easy
  • — consumes RESTful APIs for breakfast
  • — talked his drunk friend out of buying a floor cryptopunk (what a guy?)
Frequently Asked Questions
how do i get one?
mint one here. if they're sold out, check opensea.
how much does it cost?
0.03 ETH for each Fatale minted.
do i actually own it?
yes, the token owner has commercial usage rights to their Fatale. derivatives created while owning one can continue to be sold even if you no longer own the Fatale.
can you tell me about the traits?
most fatales are humans, but there are also AI Fatales. The most rare species of Fatales are 'Celestials'.
what is the most rare trait?
the 'Celestial Black Hole' Fatale. there's only 40 of them! i wish i owned one!
how does lisb.eth come up with these amazing artistic concepts?
we don't know. it's kind of freaky.